4G technology

What is 4G ?

4G , an acronym for fourth-generation wireless, is a technology that will transform wireless communications in a completely new way. It is also known as “beyond 3G,” since it provides a comprehensive and secure IP (Internet Protocol) solution. Users will enjoy high quality streaming video and “anytime, anywhere” voice and data at a much higher speed than previous generations.

The “anytime, anywhere” solution of 4G technology is also referred to as “MAGIC,” which is an abbreviation for mobile multimedia; anytime/anywhere; global mobility support; integrated wireless solution; and customized personal services. The fourth-generation wireless technology will provide a wide variety of new services including HD video (high definition video), and high quality voice and high-data-rate wireless channels. 4G technology will not only be used for cellular telephone systems, but will also include several types of wireless broadband access communication systems.

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