Pre Ramadhan Islamic Symposium@ EAC


Recently on June 05,2016 a Pre-Ramadhan symposium entitled “Welcoming Ramadhan” was organised by Muslim Student Association(MSA) incoordination with Markaz-Dar attazkiyah and Dar-aljameela.

The seminar was hosted by the MSA of Emilio Aguinaldo College at the main auditorium of the college. It turned out to be a successful symposium as the response was amazing. Many people attended the seminar, to learn everything about RAMADHAN. It was organised so well that everything went smoothly without any glitches. The speakers were highly experienced and shared all the important rules and regulations, that a muslim must know. 

The speakers shared

 best of their Islamic knowledge and entertained all the questions asked by the people. Among the speakers were Shiekh Wahid Amil who discussed about the Imporatance of Ramadhan for a muslim, Shiekh Ma’mar Adam discussed the etiquttes in Ramadhan and Shiekh Zayd Ocfemia helped in understanding  Ramadhan and shared tips about how to prepare Ramadhan.

I would to thank all the organizations that were involved behind this islamic symposium. It took a lot of efforts to make this possible. Special thanks to the brothers of Muslim Student Association, Dr. Tariq Hassan, Bro. Khalid, Bro. Abdullah for inviting me to this seminar and also entertaining me and helping me all the time. May Allah bless all of us extensively this Ramadhan. Keep up the good work.

Wishing everyone Ramadhan Mubarak!!!!!




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