My first Ice Skating Experience


“Unless and until you fall,you won’t rise.” 

This was something me and my friends experienced yesterday at the SM Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines when we decided to go for Ice Skating. Though I am adventurous but I never got a chance to do Ice Skating back in India. In MoA, after a filling lunch in Subway, we started to go towards the Ice Skating area. I was excited and also scared, because I saw many newbies falling and getting hurt. It seemed perilous. 

We left for the ice rink, after having been geared up and chosen the right size of skates,which have to be tight so to be at one with the feet. It is hard for the first timers to walk with skates,It usually takes time for the body to adjust and maintain balance. On arrival inside the Ice rink, I found it too slippery. We were slithering and somehow trying to maintain balance and stand still. Their were a bunch of expertists inside the ice rink, who were practicing. We were astonished; when we first saw them. Slithering continues but though I started to walk on the ice,slowly and steadily taking the support of the wall. For the first few minutes, I had a tough time maintaining balance but as i progressed, I learned the skill and grasped the concept behind skating. 


After an hour of walking with the support of wall and observing others, It was time to skate in the rink without any support. With enough courage I decided to move towards the central rink, where most of them were practicing. Somehow I managed to reach the  central Ice rink and no sooner when I drew a deep breath of satisfaction; I fell down. This was my first fall in the Ice rink and I found it really tough standing again without support. As the time progressed, I gained more and more experience by falling down in the Ice rink and then again standing up. I almost fell for 17(seventeen) times. This falls actually taught me good lessons and made me realised my mistakes. Everytime I fell, I learned a lesson and  this augmented my skating experience. 

Our skating continued for almost four hours; and now It was time for us to head back to our college. We left the ice rink and walked towards the resting area to remove the skates and harnesses. Tired! Tired! Tired! we were continously uttering it, but It was one of the best experience.


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