Translation(genetics) – a brief summary

What is Translation?

Translation is a process of formation of Protein from mRNA template(synthesized by transcription).


  • After the mRNA is synthesized by the process of Transcription, Its time for Protein Synthesis
  • An enzyme Aminoacyl tRNA synthetase attaches tRNA to mRNA; a small ribosomal unit also attaches itself to the 5′ end of mRNA strand.
  • The tRNA has 3- letter anticodon which matches the 3- letter codon on the mRNA template.
  • tRNA moves along the mRNA until it finds a codon(matching pair) and the large sub ribosomal unit joins it.
  • The first tRNA unit drops of its amino acid, breaks off and leaves to pick up another amino acid.
  • tRNA after tRNA drop off their amino acids.
  • This forms a chain of amino acids linked by peptide bonds.
  • When the Ribosome reaches the stop codon, the polypeptide chain is released.


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