Dr. Francis Paul Jagolino – An Inspiration


The field of Medicine is all about compromises, sacrifices, devotion, dedication and hard work but sometimes there comes a time when you loose hope, you feel what is this all for?, you feel like quitting or giving up. We all need to be inspired again so that we can move forward on the right track. There are very few people on this earth who can actually inspire you and make your realize that YOU CAN DO IT. One such great personality is none other than Dr. Francis Paul Jagolino. He is a licensed physician, a great professor, an excellent social activist, and a good human being. He was invited during our Medicine Week at EAC- School of Medicine for an Inspirational Talk, which he nailed it. He has been a great professor but that fine day we realized that he is also an influential speaker.

His entire speech can sum up into one sentence: “Guys IF I CAN DO THIS, THAN YOU CAN ALSO”. Dr. Jagolino has taught us that failure is not the end but it is the start of your success and If you have enough will power and dedication you can achieve great honors. His boosted up with enthusiasm as he went on to discuss his past not so well performance in his medical school days and then how he emerged out as a successful board passer. It was solely his hard work and dedication. 

 It was an honor studying under his guidance and receiving golden rules of success from his life. Thank you for the support and care Doctor. You are truly a self made superstar. 

And yes, Happy Birthday to you!! You are an inspiration.


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